All our unwind stands  have a solid construction (robust, heavy duty) and can incorporate electric or pneumatic brakes. They are also provided with a motorized displacement system and mechanical or pneumatic expansion core drums.

Pivoting: Based on arms installed on turnover shafts. Able to collect reels directly from the floor. They can be single or double and can incorporate a splicing system and process two reels simultaneously. The brake can be electric or pneumatic.

Vertical: Unwinding by vertical stands resting on a steel mount. Reels are loaded with a lifting table. Electric or pneumatic brake. Monitored lateral displacement.

Rotary: Machine that can take two reels provided with a central rotary shaft on which the two reel holder stands are installed. Provided with a system for maximum speed splicing on one or both sides. Available for several machines. Reel-loading lifting table and electric brake.

For pope roll: Ready to receive pope rolls directly from the production machines.
Allows splicing at maximum speed and can have an electric or pneumatic brake.

Inclined plane: Unwinder  on mounts with inclined plane shape made of welded steel and resting on a shaft. Allows collecting reels from the floor. Electric or pneumatic brake.

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