Cardboard, the sustainable packaging alternative


The collective conscience for a sustainable world is catching on in the industrial sector and evermore companies are adding environmental action plans to their strategies.  

Concerned about the effects of the waste they generate and the responsibility they have regarding society and the environment, companies are researching the best way to use sustainable materials in the packaging and distribution of their products.  

There are many products that come in plastic packaging that cease to be useful once opened. If a comparison is made between the useful life of these materials and the time it takes for them to disintegrate, it is logical that a social debate has been created about whether to continue with their use. In fact, a law has been passed by the European Parliament whereby in 2020 all single use plastics will be withdrawn from the market.  

The packaging sector companies are increasing their commitment to the use of cardboard, as it is a durable, sustainable and recyclable material. Some of the initiatives to foster its use are:  

Better Planet Packaging
by Smurfit Kappa: Investment is being made in design, innovation and recycling to replace non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials with paper packaging. This initiative has attracted great interest among customers as they are already making demands to replace non-recyclable or biodegradable packaging with paper packaging. 

Green Packaging Campaign
by Fudeat: Its aim is to achieve that all the member catering companies refuse to single use plastic.

Tetra Recart packaging
from Tetra Pak which allows solid food in cardboard packaging, a natural and renewable resource whose raw material is extracted from FSC-certified responsibly managed forests.

Signature Pack
by SIG Combibloc, is the first aseptic cardboard container in the world that is 100% associated with renewable materials of a plant-based origin and winner of the WorldStar Packaging Award in the category of packaging materials and components.

From Pasaban we are most attentive to these and other initiatives that result in benefit and respect for the environment and we are continuously innovating in order to offer our customers an added value with regards to sustainability.  

Our paper and board cutting machines process folding (FBB), recycled, coated and special boards and are the most energy-efficient on the market, allowing us to help our customers reduce costs and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

To do this, we design and choose the most appropriate electrical and electronic equipment to be able to reverse the energy returned, reducing total consumption and increasing the energy savings of our machines.

In addition, we have implemented an environmental management programme based on the ISO 14001 standard.    

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