Pasaban technology in the Europa series of euro banknotes


Pasaban is reaping the rewards of its leading-edge innovation policy by enhancing its position on the currency and security printing market with solutions for the production of euros of the new Europa series.

This series, which will be completed in May 2019 with the introduction of the new 100 and 200-euro notes, incorporates more advanced security features than the first series and are therefore more difficult to counterfeit. The already known “portrait window” is once again an outstanding feature.

At Pasaban we are proud to have taken part with our technology in the Europa series banknotes production by creating the banknote window.

Our automatic laser perforation system is used to perforate the paper money with the desired window shape in which the silver holographic stripe, with the main motif and the value of the note, will be subsequently placed in register by the foil application system. The result, a banknote that when held against the light, the window becomes transparent and reveals a portrait of Europa on both sides of the note.

This ambitious project places Pasaban in a strong position in the security printing sector since it demonstrates our capability to provide security printers, banknote manufacturers and central banks with the ability to industrialise the application of security features to banknotes and other high-security documents.

Our goal is to take part in new projects that require customised solutions in the application of level 1 security features.

VIDEO “Unveiling of the New 100 and 200 Euro Banknotes” del BCE- 

Europa Series banknotes


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