Pasaban CX190 sheeter, the definitive finishing solution for Duplex carton


With the aim of improving the finishing quality of paper and carton finishing, Bahl Paper Mills Ltd. has entrusted Pasaban with the manufacture of two CX190 paperboard cutting machines.  

At Pasaban, we know that being close to the client is one of the keys to success in order to offer the optimum solution for each requirement. Only by giving personalised advice and guaranteeing the quality of our products and services, we manage to gain their confidence.  

A clear example is the project that we are carrying out for Bahl Paper Mill Ltd., an Indian paper and cardboard manufacturer, specialised in 100% recycled material such as Duplex cartons, MG Poster papers and light Kraft paper.  

At a time in which the paper and carton industry in India is growing, Bahl sees clearly how its future and projection in the Indian market inevitably depends on equipping themselves with the most advanced technology which will lead them to achieve their goals and, subsequently, will consolidate their position as market leader.  

With the clear commitment to improving the finishing section of its factory, Bahl will incorporate two new Pasaban CX190 model board sheeter machines.  

These machines will be primarily destined for cutting coated Duplex carton of different grades and quality (from 180 to 600 GSM). Ensuring a high production of sheets in different formats, with an accurate cutting and an outstanding stacking of the finished product.  

These machines will also help to improve usual internal processes, in such a way that the efficiency of the finishing area will increase substantially. This aspect is key when ensuring not only the quality of the finished product but also the increase in production capacity always under the premise of achieving the best results.  

With this project, Pasaban manages to expand the number of projects in this market, being up until today the best benchmark of the market in this type of equipment.  

Bahl Sheeter


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