Pasaban #ReamWrapper for digital formats


PASABAN just has just put in production at Arjo Wiggins Bessé mill, a ream wrapper for digital formats, other than the typical A4 and A3 formats .

Pasaban has developed this wrapping machine following the request from the customers for making packets higher than the standard. Size formats in millimeters are as follows:

- Maximum: 297 x 500 mm
- Minimum: 210 x 356 mm
- Height: 20 x 180 mm

This wrapping machine can have a maximum production cadence of up to 70 packs / minute, depending on the format of the packet.

And it can work both in line with a cutter and off line with manual ream feeding.

This ream wrapper machine meets the needs of a market in which the final formats of the packets are changing a lot, with slightly different formats compared to those typical of the writing paper market, A4 and A3, but with the advent of new paper grades, coated, matt, thermal, etc., there is also demand for different formats that we include under the name of "digital formats"..

PASABAN is therefore incorporating in the market a wrapping machine for small formats and with great flexibility to perform with solvency packets with different dimensions and high productivity.  

For more information on the PASABAN paper ream wrappers, please consult our web site. (


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