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We are a family-owned company with 120 workers based in Tolosa, Spain. We design and manufacture high-tech machinery for the paper and cardboard converting industry, as well as for other special materials. We began our journey in 1928, when Pedro Pasaban started a mechanical workshop in Tolosa to deal with the needs of the paper industry sector, repairing and creating auxiliary machines. In 1965 we made the strategic decision to become specialists in finishing processes of the paper sector. At that time our activity was already mainly focused on designing and manufacturing sheeters, winders and wrappers. In 1977 we developed our own electronics to obtain high-precision drives that were not available in the market. This exemplifies one or our main strengths, as it means that we are extremely adaptable to our customers’ special requirements, always finding the best possible solution. Similarly, having our own electronics allows offering a highly efficient maintenance service. Since 1977 we have introduced numerous improvements and modernizations in our machines, which in many cases have defined the path subsequently followed by the market and our competitors. As a result of this continuous innovation, in 2008 we became the world leaders in banknote paper sheeters and we developed the only machine in the world able to process double-width banknote paper in a controlled manner. In 2012, continuing our commitment to innovation and in our constant effort to improve on our customer service orientation, we launched the first cloud-based data service in our sector, Pasaban Connectivity Cloud, showcasing our forward-thinking outlook for proprietary and open-source electronics.

PRODUCT values:

  • PrecisiOn: Pasaban’s machines provide added value in converting processes requiring great precision. A painstaking control of the mechanics and our proprietary electronics uniquely adapted to converting processes allow us to obtain outstanding precision levels.
  • Quality: In everything we do. From development of new products, our systematic innovation process, manufacturing processes and even our customer service, we apply the same demanding quality standards to all aspects, with the utmost attention to detail in the creation of our machines.
  • Reliability: Great machine availability levels are achieved by a low number of incidents. In other words: our machines are reliable.
  • Robustness: A factor that is valued by our customers. A robust mechanical basis that ensures a long lifetime of the machine.
  • Profitability: This is the result of all our product values. Our main value which customers recognize us for. Our machines are profitable, which is after all what our customers are looking for when they make an important investment. If you try our products you will come back to us again and again.

BRAND values:

  • History and strength: Throughout our 80-year history, we have been a pioneering company and proven our capability to adapt to social and economic changes, making innovation and internationalization the key elements of our strategy. This is why we continue to grow and have become an international reference.
  • Innovation: This forms part of our internal culture and corporate philosophy. All of the persons that make up Pasaban contribute to improving our processes and products in a systematic and constant manner. At Pasaban everything is subject to innovation, from the first contact with the customer to the last manufacturing process, start-up and maintenance of the product. We are firmly committed to R&D and innovation, with a large engineering team dedicated to developing new products and systems. We also carry out bespoke projects for specific customers in collaboration with their own teams. We innovate to communicate to our customers the technological advances they need to maximize profitability and productivity with the highest quality.
  • Flexibility We design, install and start up the machinery that our customers need according to the required quality, efficiency and cost parameters. We specialize in achieving what others cannot provide.
  • Professionalism: We are serious, efficient, experienced and detail-oriented. We are not happy to just do the job, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Teamwork: The best thing about teamwork is that you always have someone next to you.
  • Commitment: Creating wealth and jobs to benefit the environment in which our activity takes place is a fundamental part of Pasaban’s mission. Pasaban makes a great financial effort, as well as dedication by its associates, to contribute to the socio-economic improvement of its environment and the society that it is part of. In this sense, it is actively involved in actions intended to share its experience with the public and motivate other organizations to make change happen.


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