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A year ago we were talking about the use of Pasaban technology in the new 20-euro banknotes (issued on November 25th of 2015). We return to the subject because of the milestones that will take place in the security printing sector over the next few months.   

Firstly, the High Security Printing Europe trade fair will take place in late March. As well as HSP Latin America, which will take place in June, it will focus on government specified and issued documents such as currency and banknotes, ID cards, fiduciary documents, visas, vehicle documents and licences.
We will be taking part in the fair with a stand devoted to “High Precision adding security features” to demonstrate the importance of having precise and customised machinery that provides a comprehensive solution to the specific needs of each customer.  

Our product range includes: paper and polymer sheeters, winders, hot foil stamping and laser punching machines

Secondly, the new 50-euro banknote will enter into circulation on 4 April 2017. As it did with the 20-euro note, the European Central Bank has decided to apply the portrait window innovative security feature in order to make the notes more difficult to counterfeit. 
In Pasaban, we are proud to have created the laser perforation system with which the portrait window is created and also to have taken part in the application to register of the foil stripe.  

Antonio Olmos, managing director of the Royal Spanish Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre -FNMT), explained the advantages of laser punching in the application of security features to paper money at the Holography Conference 2016.

If you attend the HSP EUROPE trade fair do not hesitate to drop by our booth #D3.
If you attend the HSP Latin America feel free to visit us at booth #E6.

We will be delighted to see you there!

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