Pasaban provides the optimum solution for Polish company Karton-Pak


Karton-Pak, one of Poland’s largest solid cardboard packaging manufacturers has decided to employ Pasaban technology to continue extending and improving its production in the printing and production fields.  

In order to save money on material costs, control their own sheet quality and improve flexibility to provide shorter delivery times for its customers, the company made the strategic decision to cut the box board itself instead of buying it in reams.

To do so it needed a highly automated, versatile machine that enabled it to cut box board for its folding boxes, and Pasaban provided the solution with a KB 1600 cardboard sheeter.
With a speed of 300 m/min and capable of cutting cardboard of 200-450 g/m2, this machine suited the production requirements of Karton-Pak’s folding box board (FBB) and solid box board (SBB) cartons.  

Some conveyors were added at the exit of the stacks aligned with the offset printing machine. Thus, the newly cut material goes directly to the press without having to be handled manually.  

As in each of our projects we continue to implement highly customised jobs suitable for the client’s needs and always guaranteeing the quality of the product.  

Watch Karton-Pak company video- here



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