Pasaban Industrialises the application of level 1 security features


Our expertise resides in the capability to industrialise the application of level 1 security features for banknotes and security documents to any substrate, with a focus on high precision and high production levels/throughputs. 

At Pasaban we are proud to be at the forefront of developing the technology to produce the new Europa series banknotes, €20 and €50.

Pasaban: History and Evolution in the Security Print Sector 
Article: Holography News- by Reconnaissance- link 

Hot foil stamping in register

Our recent hot stamping foil stripe stamping lines work optimally with any qualified foil and any substrate. They are available in different web widths and are capable of working at speeds of up to 200m/min.

Online printing processes can also be integrated for security printing. The equipment has an extremely demanding specification compared to other equipment providers in this sector.

Laser punching equipment 

The laser punching machine which can be integrated into the hot stamp foiling lines are the first laser solutions in the market used to create extremely accurate banknote windows. The system has several benefits, including reduced changeover downtimes, low maintenance costs together with high levels of repeatability and productivity throughput compared to mechanical punching machines.

Future developments

Undoubtedly one of the main challenges for the future is not only to keep up with the fast-changing trends but to be at the edge of the new security features that are being developed.  

‘We have to be aware of the new security features that are being developed in the market. Especially for those which require high precision and production levels so that Pasaban can design and manufacture the perfect solution for industrialising them.’ G
ustavo Lascurain, Managing Director.

Being at the forefront of the technology is always a complex task to fulfil. Keeping that in mind we are committed to investing heavily in research and development and to always be open to cooperation with security printers, paper mills and currency and security document producers.

Image: 20 euro foil stripe and laser punched portrait window

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