Paper sheeter

Compact C165

The COMPACT concept was created to offer a modular system that allows implementing a wide range of options in order to meet the production needs of each customer.

It is targeted at finishing rooms and paper and cardboard printing, as well as printing plants demanding high flexibility, strict production requirements and outstanding quality of the finished product.

It is the optimum solution for converters or printers with medium production volumes. 

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  • Basic configuration

    Unwind stands 1 to 5 in standard configuration (8 for lightweight paper)
    Core holders Self expanding
    Decurlers Independent for each reel (diameters depending on the material)
    Longitudinal cutting section 3 slitters. Manual positioning
    Pulling section Direct drive with torque motor
    Transverse cutting section Direct drive with torque motor for great cutting precision
    Reject gate Automatic
    Overlapping section Mark free system, double suction box system
    Delivery section Motorised stacking table increasing stack quality. Wedges, jogger plates and backstops with manual positioning
    Speed 300 m/min.
    Double rotary knife technology Superior cut quality

    General characteristics

    Reel dimensions

    Max. width 1.700 mm
    Min. width 450 mm
    Max. diameter 1.500 mm
    Min. diameter 500 mm

    Format dimensions

    Max. width 1.650 mm
    Min. width 300 mm
    Max. length 1.650 mm
    Min. length 500 mm

    Stack dimensions

    Max. height (incl. Pallet) 1.500 mm
    Speed 300 m/min
    • Removal of longitudinal cutting dust
    • Additional unwind stands:
      • Reel feed conveyor
      • Decurler
    • Printer module:
      • Cut to register
    • Web guide system (±0.3mm)
    • Automatic splicing sensor
    • Additional longitudinal cut / separator
    • Automatic pallet change without loss of sheets. Front or lateral outlet
    • Tab inserters

  • An excellent example of very versatile high technology. Admits widths of up to 1650 mm. and speeds of up to 300m/min.
    Multiple options available, such as automated pallet change system  (with front or lateral outlet), cut to register, web guide system, additional unwind stands, tab inserters, etc.


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