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Simplex paper sheeting machine intended for converting plants, paper finishing rooms and/or paper or cardboard factories. 

  • Width:maximum 2600 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter:2.100
  • Sheet length (min-max):400-1600 (2000) mm
  • Maximum speed :350m/min


High-end simplex paper sheeting machine intended for converting plants and finishing rooms of paper mills and paper or cardboard factories with high production and quality requirements. Allows dealing reliably with the entire production and providing the flexibility required by a finishing room.

  • Width :maximum 4100 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter:2.500 mm
  • Minimum sheet length:400 mm
  • Maximum speed :400 m/min


Allows automated change of format, instantaneous hot-melt gluing and automated palletizing and depalletizing of stacks and empty pallets. Single outlet (M1) and double outlet (M2) options. Allows reducing staff numbers and guarantees outstanding quality and production. Can incorporate auxiliary peripherals.

  • Ream min./max. width::530-1400 mm
  • Ream min./max. length::420-1100 mm
  • Ream min./max. height::15-80 mm
  • Maximum speed::15 reams/min


All our unwind stands  have a solid construction (robust, heavy duty) and can incorporate electric or pneumatic brakes. They are also provided with a motorized displacement system and mechanical or pneumatic expansion core drums.


Designed to supply reels with even edge profiles and a perfect winding structure. A reliable paper winder that can include all the automation required for the intended functions. Also available for security paper. 

  • Reel min./max. width:1600-6000 mm
  • Material to wind:Paper, cardboard, non-braided
  • Max. diameter of mother reel:2500 mm
  • Minimum width of finished reel:90 mm


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