This Disclaimer is intended to regulate and inform Users as to the use of the www.pasaban.com website, owned by PASABAN, S.A. (herein after the Website and Pasaban respectively). Navigating and using the services of the Website mean that you, as a User and with no reservations whatsoever, accept this Disclaimer. We therefore recommend all Users of the site to read this text carefully before using the Website.

Access to the website is also subject to all warnings, conditions of use and instructions given to the User by Pasaban, which might substitute, complete and/or modify this Disclaimer.
Information on Pasaban
In order to comply with Law 34/2002, of 11th July in reference to information society and e-commerce services, the details of Pasaban are: PASABAN, S.A., corporate address in Guipúzcoa (Spain) Auzo-txikia, 17 – Apartado 53, 20400 Tolosa, with Company Tax Identification number A-20042693, registered at the Guipúzcoa Commercial Registry in Volume 283, Folio 35, Sheet number SS-4.311. Contact email info@pasaban.com and telephone +34.943651632.

Generic Prohibitions
As an essential and inexcusable requirement in order to continue to be a user, the User undertakes the obligation not to incur in any of the following behaviour:

• Access, manipulate or use any area of the Website which is not, or is not intended to be, of a public nature;
• Use the Website for illicit ends or ends which are simply different from those for which it was created, for example, personal conversations, exchange of files, personal publicity, political or ideological propaganda, publication, sending or storage of illegal content which might infringe upon the rights of third parties or which are obscene, racist, pornographic or offensive;
• Attempt to ascertain, investigate, analyse, explore or test the vulnerability of the Website or any system or network related to it, or break through any barrier or security or authentication measures related to the Website or with the aforementioned systems or networks;
• Attempt to decode, decompile, dissemble or invert any of the software engineering used for providing the web's own services; or
• Damage or create a threat to cause damage to the system, to other Users, to the "host" or to the network, manipulate or attempt to manipulate the access of any User in any way, including, as an example but never only restricted to, achieving such ends by way of sending viruses, overloading, overflowing or mass mailing of "junk mail" or "bombing mailboxes".

In the event that a User should carry out any of these acts, Pasaban may restrict his/her use of the Website and claim for the damages caused.

If a User is aware of the existence of any illicit, illegal content or content which contravenes the laws or which might be an infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights, he/she must notify Pasaban immediately so that the necessary measures may be taken.

Intellectual and industrial property
"Pasaban" is a registered brand name of Pasaban, S.A.
The website, www.pasaban.com is a domain name registered by Pasaban, S.A. Neither the domain name nor the brand name may be used, without written specific authorization to do so in writing from Pasaban, S.A., in relation to other services which are not those of Pasaban, S.A. in any way which might cause confusion among our clients or which might discredit Pasaban.
The content of all types included in the Website through the URL www.pasaban.com, including, as an example but never only restricted to, the images, brands, trade names, industrial designs, designs, texts, photographs, videos, graphics, logos, icons, software or any other signs likely to be given industrial or commercial use are protected by the industrial and intellectual property rights of Pasaban and/or other legitimate collaborators who have given their corresponding rights of use. The industrial and intellectual property rights over the aforementioned content are duly protected under Spanish, EU and international law and their use and/or reproduction is prohibited without the specific consent of Pasaban.

Notwithstanding the above, the Website is considered to be a computer programme and, as such, all EU regulations in that sense are applicable.

Any total or partial use of the Website and/or its contents, consisting of copying, reproducing, adapting, modifying, distributing, trading, public diffusion and/or any other action of any sort, and by any means, which constitutes an infringement of Spanish, EU and/or international regulations in relation to intellectual and/or industrial property rights, is strictly prohibited, unless done with specific authorization in writing from Pasaban.

Under no circumstances will access and navigation by the User imply either implicit or explicit authorization over the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the Website and/or its contents or that there has been a renunciation, transmission, total or partial transfer of such rights nor that there is any right or expected right to them and specifically the right to alter, transform, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate such content.

Limits to liability
Pasaban does not guarantee that the Website will be permanently available, and is free from any liability for possible damages caused by the Website not being available due to causes of force majeure or errors in electronic networks for the transfer of data which occur through no fault of our own. The User of the Website uses it of his/her own free will and at his/her own risk, and therefore Pasaban does not accept responsibility for any possible errors and omissions of this Website or other content which may be accessed through it. Neither do they guarantee that it is free of viruses or other harmful elements which may cause damage to or alter the computer system or the files of the User of this Website. Pasaban does not guarantee, nor does it accept responsibility for the invulnerability of the Website or the impregnability of the security measures used on the Website and any damage which might be caused by a User and/or third party or any person who might violate this Disclaimer. As a result, Pasaban is not liable for damages which such elements might cause to the User or to third parties.
Personal Data Protection
The use of personal data will be governed by the Privacy and Cookies Policy.
Users, whether individuals or legal entities, who create, or intend to create, a hyperlink from a web page of internet gateway to this Website must conform to the following conditions:

• Request specific authorization with an explanation in writing from:
Pasaban, S.A, at Auzo-txikia, 17 – Apdo 53, 20400 Tolosa, Spain, or the email info@pasaban.com. Under no circumstances will a lack of a response to a request be considered as a presumed authorization to create the link. Equally, Pasaban may refuse a request at their absolute discretion, with no need to give a reason for the refusal.
• In the event that Pasaban authorizes the possibility of creating a link from a third party web page, the link will be to the Main Home Page (simple hyperlink) and never to any of the specific sections which make up the Website (Deep hyperlink).
• The User is obliged to inform Pasaban of any change to the content of their web page and Pasaban reserves the possibility of refusing the authorization previously given, without having to give a reason.

Next to the link, it is prohibited to make false, inexact or incorrect statements which may be misleading as to the contents of the Website or which are against the law or are immoral or alter public order or generally accepted customs and might damage the image of the Pasaban virtual market, its companies, clients or any third party which has a relationship with Pasaban.
Changes to the Disclaimer
We reserve the right to modify this Disclaimer from time to time by publishing on the Website. You accept that it is your responsibility to check this Disclaimer periodically in order to learn of any modifications.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
Spanish Legislation will apply to this Disclaimer and the jurisdiction which is competent to hear any complaints which arise from this Website will be that of the Courts and Tribunals of Guipúzcoa.


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