Paper sheeter

SPD 1700

Double rotary sheeter model designed for security cut-to-register paper with the highest precision. The double rotary cutting system provides the best cutting quality in the market. Full control of valid sheets, recoverable defective sheets and extraction of sample sheets. Double width configuration allowing to process wider reels and almost doubling the output.

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  • General characteristics

    Non-stop concept using automatic splicer
    Non-stop concept alternating outlet sections 1 and 2
    Dubious sheet outlet concept allowing integration and synchronization with an optical inspection system.
    Dust suction using dual web cleaning system
    Notching in line with cutting process
    Double rotary cutting applied to banknote and security paper cutting, with removal of back strip
    Individual control of double transverse cut. High-precision PCR
    *Ream formation under individual or double stack configuration
    Zero errors in sheet counting
    Full integration of the optical inspection system for rejecting defective sheets.

    Characteristics SPD 1700

    Maximum machine width 1700 mm
    Web maximum width 1700 mm
    Mother reel dimensions - Width: 400-1700 mm
    - Diameter: 400-1500 mm
    -Core diameter: 152 mm
    Max. ream height 100 mm
    Formats cut Sheet length: 430-850 mm
    Cutting precision: -Sheet length precision ±0.3 mm
    -Sheet angle precision:±0.3mm
    -Cut to register tolerance: ±0.3 mm
    -Notching position tolerance:±0.3 mm
    -Ream count tolerance: 0
    Materials processed Banknote and security paper to register with watermark 70 to 120 gr.
    Maximum sheeter speed 300 m/min
    Maximum load for transverse cut 600 gr.
  • *Removal of longitudinal cutting dust
    *Additional unwind stands:
    -Reel feed conveyor
    *Printer module:
    -Cut to register
    *Web guide system (±0.3mm)
    *Automatic splicing sensor
    *Additional longitudinal cut / separator
    *Automatic pallet change without loss of sheets.
    Front or lateral outlet
  • Allows performing the entire process without subsequent conversion: notching, removal of the back strip (double transverse cutting section (“double rotary cutting”), non-stop double stacking section, doubtful sheet stacking section, programmable sample sheet inspection section, reams with good sheets ready for delivery to wrapping line, etc.


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