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The COVID-19 pandemic was an unforeseen event for everyone, and later on the unfortunate situation in Ukraine was too. The adaptation of companies globally has had to be extremely fast to cope with this unusual situation. In addition, international relations have been exposed and last-minute alternatives have had to be sought to maintain customer relations.  

Despite this situation, Pasaban has been able to continue providing service internationally thanks, in part, to the on-site technicians located in strategic countries and areas. In the case of India, one of the countries on which large part of the efforts have been focused, it has been possible to continue giving service to more than 50 paper and cardboard sheeting machines that Pasaban provided in this country. In this way, the needs of leading companies such as JK Paper, Naini Papers, ITC or Silverton Pulp and Papers have been satisfied.

Pasaban has always had a very close relationship with India through the representative "Eintec". The proximity to customers is essential, therefore, in order to improve technical service in India, several local technicians have been incorporated in the staff these last years.  

We interviewed Iñigo Pagola, Director of Pasaban Service, to explain Pasaban's approach in India:

1. How important is India for Pasaban?

We have a large number of loyal customers all over Asia, but we could say that India is one of the countries where we have the strongest presence. For this reason, we want to dedicate our efforts to continue expanding in this market.  

2. Why have you decided to incorporate Indian technicians to your staff?

We have always considered that proximity is a key element when dealing with a client. That is why at Pasaban we have decided to include Indian technicians in our staff, in order to offer immediate and on-site assistance. We believe it is essential that our clients always have a specialized technician close to solve any problem that may arise quickly and effectively.  

3. What services are most in demand?

Spare parts are frequently requested. What distinguishes us in this area is that we always offer original spare parts at a good price that are a guarantee of quality. It is important to have original spare parts, as the use of second hand or alternative parts can result in a total failure of your machine.

In any case, the service we are most in demand for is Upgrades. This service offers a series of improvements that will allow your paper and board converting machines to be technologically updated in terms of quality, availability and performance.

4. Why should I upgrade my machine?

If there are obsolete devices on your sheeter or winder, your machine could work inefficiently, have quality problems or even run the risk of permanent shutdown. To prevent this from happening, and based on experience, we believe that keeping your machine up to date is a must. That is why the Upgrades service is the ideal solution to mitigate obsolescence, increase productivity, achieve automation and, above all, get the most out of your sheeter or winder.

5. Can you upgrade and service other brand machines?

Yes, we can upgrade and service machines of other brands such as Jagenberg, Bielomatik or many others.  The best thing to do is to contact our technical support so we can help you with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you.


If you would like more information about our technical assistance service or to know our affordable prices on spare parts and hourly rates, please contact us through the following phone numbers: +34 661 460 498 / +34 626 680 901 or send us an e-mail to 



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