Pasaban manufactures the first winder in Europe for the production of non-woven paper


Winder: BP 3600

Material: non-woven paper
Width: 3,600 mm
Speed: 600-1000 m/min

PASABAN, S.A. has installed and commissioned a BP 3600 winder at the Spanish paper company Papelera Aralar for its non-woven paper production line (100% biodegradable paper).

This production line is completely new and the first one to be installed in Europe for manufacturing this product. Thus, Papelera Aralar required a winder that could fulfil very demanding goals. Non-woven paper is an innovative, new, natural, chemical-free and dispensable product that is used to make different toilet products which up to now were not 100% biodegradable, with disastrous consequences for the sewer system of cities around the world.

Due to its composition, this paper has the drawback of requiring very high tensions, so it needs to be wound under very precise tension controls. Hence, the tangential unwinding system for preventing unwanted web tearing and driven rollers for making narrow reels of the highest quality regarding their winding and shape are used.

The BP 3600 winder fulfills the goal of providing a quality non-woven product. The machine has been fitted with automatic, operator-aid systems for easy reel changeover, taking into account its operating safety, which is an absolutely necessary condition for the operation of the winder and its interrelation with the operator.

In order to be able to perform these functions with quality and flexibility, the winder has been provided with an automatic core insertion system and aids for finishing the final reels and easily and efficiently splicing them to the next reels so as to have very short, safe changeover cycles.

Next, the daughter reels are fully finished by rewinding them a little bit so that their offcuts are tight and the product is finished and ready for packing.

The winder has a complex drive system since all rollers that come in contact with the material to be wound are driven via vector-control AC motors.

The BP3600 winder has the following tech specs:

  • A net width of 3,600 mm.
  • A design speed of 1,000 m/min, although the maximum operating speed during continuous production is set at 600 m/min.
  • This line receives reels directly from the production machine with a maximum diameter of up to 2,500 mm and can have up to two reels in standby.
  • It is a flexible winder that can output up to 16 finished reels with a maximum diameter of 1,200 mm.


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