How to avoid obsolescence in converting and finishing equipment in the paper and cardboard industry


In recent years technological developments in converting and finishing equipment for the paper and cardboard industry have been nothing less than extraordinary, and all systems related to operation, control and production software have undergone significant transformations, with the result that machinery over 15 years old, while it may be in acceptable mechanical condition, more than likely has obsolete operating controls and has therefore become obsolete.

This situation, independently of the production and maintenance problems caused by ageing equipment, makes the near future of sheeters, winders for paper, wrapping machines, extraordinarily complicated, in the main because of the lack of fully compatible spare parts.

The general feeling of unease caused by this obsolescence problem is increasing, and experience tells us that our customers demand solutions. For this reason we are increasing our efforts to satisfy these demands with practical and, of course, reasonable proposals based on the fundamental point of view of investment-profitability.  

Pasaban wishes to remain in close contact with its customers and is eager to know both their concerns and the requirements of the paper and board converting machines in order to be in a position to offer the best personalised solutions.

The principal objective of Pasaban is to ensure the future of the paper & cardboard converting equipment from the perspective of both production and maintenance.

We are currently engaged on a project of this type with a KDD 2600 sheeter installed in 2001 in the Knauf Petroboard factory in St. Petersburg. The modernisation consists of complete substitution of the operating, control, software production systems as well as the communications with the factory's main PC. Once this reform has been completed the equipment will feature the latest in digital regulators, controllers, software and PLCs.

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