Recommendations for purchasing a #sheeter


Is it cost-effective to invest in a sheeter? This will depend on the production level of the printer, or converter.

If you have decided to invest in a sheeter, or you are searching for the sheeter that best meets your requirements, we would like to outline the features that you should look out for in order to make the optimal decision: precision, cutting quality, reliability, robustness, updates and maintenance. 


The sheeter should offer a cutting quality similar or identical to that offered by any paper or cardboard manufacturer. In order to achieve this the machine has to be robust and dynamically stable. Sheeters, in contrast to printers or machines that manufacture cardboard or paper, feature elements with non-uniform speed and which have to accelerate and decelerate with each cut, a process that may occur a maximum of 10 times per second for different sheet sizes.    


Quality in this context means that the sheeter operates without leaving surface marks, thereby avoiding failures in the printing process and the corresponding high rejection rate. Likewise, a sheeter should ensure that the size and quadrature remain within the required parameters and, as far as possible, avoid the creation of dust during the cutting process, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the printing plates.  

The fact that a machine complies with European safety and ergonomics standards is another good indicator of quality.  


Reliability depends directly on the quality of the components used in the sheeter, the level of technology applied, the robustness of the machine, and the software, which should be designed for simple, effective operation.  


Sheeters are easy to update. To put it another way, it is possible to add characteristics that can increase sheeter production and quality. The sheeter should be flexible and prepared for size changes. If cut sizes change in accordance with changes in the paper and cardboard converter market, the sheeter should be able to adapt accordingly. In addition, the machine should be capable of cutting printer's marks.    


A reliable, punctual maintenance service will maximise the potential of your sheeter.  

One final recommendation: you should never consider a second-rate machine only in terms of cost, as you will end up paying the price in terms of quality, reduced availability of the machine and increased customer claims.  

For many years Pasaban has been manufacturing sheeters in which precision, quality, robustness and reliability are fundamental characteristics.  

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