Pasaban presents the new design of its #Compact #sheeter


The COMPACT sheeter is the most profitable solution for converters and printers with medium production volumes. Pasaban is creating a space at its headquarters in Tolosa (Spain) where the sheeter will be on permanent display.  

Pasaban again surprises everyone with the innovative design of its Compact sheeter. Ergonomics, safety, sturdiness and quality are united in an accurate and reliable paper sheeter.  

It is targeted at finishing and paper and cardboard printing rooms, as well as printing plants demanding high flexibility, strict production requirements and outstanding quality of the finished product.  

The Compact range has been designed to offer a modular and scalable system that allows implementing a wide range of options, in order to meet the current and future production needs of each customer.

For Pasaban, yes, safety comes first

Ergonomics and safety of the machines are two indispensable conditions of Pasaban machines, included from the design stage. Pasaban machines meet the strictest European safety and ergonomics standards.    

For Pasaban, yes, reliability comes first  

Pasaban sheeters are the most sturdy, stable and accurate sheeters in the market; in combination with the cutting-edge technology used, this allows guaranteeing an outstanding cutting quality that will aid subsequent printing and handling processes.

For Pasaban, yes, sturdiness and quality go hand in hand 

The new Compact sheeter is marked by a spectacular design, new to the sector, while conserving its sturdy structure and the highest quality of its components, the technology used and the software design for simple and effective operation.

For Pasaban, flexibility is essential  

In a market with a variable and customised demand, where batches are increasingly shorter, flexibility is a must. The Compact sheeter has been designed to cover this need and provide faster and more efficient service. Maximum scalability and an ease of use that requires the smallest possible staff makes the Compact sheeter the ideal solution for cardboard and paper printers and converters, guaranteeing a quick ROI.  

Come and see for yourself…  

Pasaban is creating a space at its headquarters in Tolosa (Spain) where the sheeter will be on permanent display.  

Just contact us and we will help you arrange and facilitate your visit.

For more information on our two Compact sheeter models, go to:                                          


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