Upgrades that will increase your sheeter´s output


Pasaban offers you a series of upgrades that will help you increase your cardboard and paper sheeter’s output, enhance the quality of the finished product, and avoid maintenance downtime.   Below we present three real cases in which Pasaban successfully solved the client’s problem.    

KC 1600 sheeter manufactured in 2003 for the Middleton Paper

The need
To increase production whilst avoiding having to stop the machine every time a stack of sheets is completed.

The search for the best solution  
The original setup was upgraded with an automatic stack changeover system.    

The results

This new system can increase production approximately by 10%.    

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KC 1600 sheeter manufactured in the year 2000 for the Crusader Paper Company

The need
To improve the quality of the finished product without sacrificing operating speed.   When the material to be cut has a sensitive surface, such as coated, metallised and other, similar kinds of paper, and the machine is working at high speeds, the top side of the sheets is marked at the overlapping area owing to the friction between the belts and/or wheels and the sheets.   The typical solution to this problem is to slow down the machine to prevent such marking.    

The search for the best solution  
In order to avoid this problem and to be able to increase the operating speed, the overlapping area was modified by adding a dual suction-box system, which can operate both continuously and intermittently, by means of which a smooth, frictionless braking against other elements in this area of the machine is achieved.   In addition to and independent of this modification, a new cross-cutting/cut-to-register option was been added.  
The results  
An improvement in the quality of the finished product (unmarked sheets) and about a 15% production increase.   The possibility of cutting the sheets to register.    

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KDD 2600 sheeter manufactured in 2001 for the Knauf Petroboard Company

The need
To minimize the number of times the machine has to be shutdown due to maintenance issues so as to ensure its normal operation.  

The search for the best solution
Originally, the machine was equipped with SKH-series digital regulators (SkiiP power modules) and MC 2000-series controllers. Both systems suffer from a serious obsolescence issue since most of its components are no longer manufactured. All of this makes it very hard – sometimes even impossible – to provide the necessary spare parts for, or to make repairs to, these systems.   The proposed, and implemented, solution was to perform a full upgrade of these original systems by installing new drives and controls, with their corresponding auxiliary elements, according to the configuration used in the current machine, namely:   * Pasaban INF- and CMS-series digital controllers (IGBTs) for the main drives   * Siemens-Sinamics digital regulators for the auxiliary drives   * Pasaban 4000-series controllers   * Siemens S7 PLC - 417F CPU    

The results
Thanks to this upgrade, the sheeter is now fitted with the latest systems available in the market for this kind of machine. As a result of which, apart from minimising the outages caused by maintenance issues and making maintenance easier and quicker, the normal operation of the machine and the supply of any potential spares which might become necessary in the future have been guaranteed for a reasonable number of years.  

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