Torraspapel trusted the quality of Pasaban machinery for cutting paper used for digital printing.


Torraspapel and Pasaban agreed to execute a project for the manufacture and start-up of a paper sheeter that forms part of the manufacturing and conversion process for special papers used in digital formats.  

Torraspapel is a leading firm in the manufacture and distribution of paper for labels and flexible packaging, both coated and non-coated, for commercial printing and publishing and other supports with high added value.

The paper company once again trusted the quality and high-tech of Pasaban machinery to manufacture a sheeter able to cut coated paper with various densities to a net width of 1650 mm. Provided with 4 unwind stands and an automatic pallet change system it will cut sheet formats used for digital printing, from A4 to special formats.    

The sheeter contributed to provide a quality response to the increasing demands of the digital market in various formats and densities with the great flexibility characteristic of Pasaban machines and a degree of automation ready for providing high productivity levels.  

More information on Pasaban sheeters for special formats can be seen in our page.


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