Pasaban offers complete and customized solutions for the paper industry


Pasaban offers complete and customized solutions for the paper industry in terms of paper and board converting processes. For this, we have developed “all-in-one-solution”, the definitive response to any requirement that the client may present us with.  

Pasaban’s total solution is possible thanks to our extensive offering of high-tech conversion equipment for processes which require high precision in any of their phases: cutting, winding, unwinding, wrapping, stamping and laser perforating, amongst others.

In this way, the material produced by the paper, cardboard or pulp mills can be converted into reels using our
winders; into sheets or pulp bale units thanks to our paper and board sheeters and pulp cutters; as well as into paper reams with our ream wrapper machines. We also have solutions capable of adding security features to any substrate such as foil stamping in register and laser punching machines.

Another value to consider is our capacity to customize the equipment according to the specific needs of our clients. We design and manufacture customized conversion equipment in which quality and precision are intrinsic qualities.
Together with an outstanding remote support and machine upgrades, we can provide a fast, efficient and secure answer to any issue that may arise.  

At Pasaban we stand for applying innovation and continuous improvement to all of our products and manufacturing processes. We provide a response to the most demanding requirements regarding quality, productivity and paper waste minimization on the market.  

And all of this with the aim of enabling our clients to consistently offer high value-added products.

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