Pasaban Relies in Helukabel for Ensuring High Quality Machines


The next time you hold a 100 or 200 euro banknote in your hand and wonder whether it’s really genuine, try the following...


.. Hold the note against the light and look at the silver hologram strip imprinted on the right-hand side of the front of the note. Does the face of a young lady appear there? Congratulations, that’s the mythical figure of Europa (after whom the continent is named) and proof that your note is not a forgery. Behind the security feature of the second generation 20, 50, 100 and 200 euro banknotes is a sophisticated process implemented originally by a family-owned company based in the Basque town of Tolosa.

Pasaban S.A. is a specialty manufacturer of paper and cardboard converting machines, and can look back on nearly 100 years of company history. Today, it is a market leader in the paper converting industry, supplying more than 500 customers worldwide.


When it comes to designing and manufacturing of its machines, Pasaban places great emphasis on quality, precision and durability. Its high standards also apply to the cables and wires used in all its machines.

“Whether it's a paper sheeter, a winding machine or a paper ream wrapper, the individual components embedded in the machine always contribute to the overall quality. That's why we rely on HELUKABEL products for our systems,” explains Daniel Antonio, technical manager for electrical engineering at Pasaban.

National and international standards are of particular concern for Antonio: “In order to be able to meet customer requirements in over 45 countries at all times, we need cables and wires with certifications for both the American and European markets.” Because each machine is individually adapted to the needs of the customer, the Spanish company appreciates HELUKABEL’s fast delivery times and high product availability.

“After a precise analysis of the individual requirements, we develop a customized solution for every customer. Delivery delays must not be allowed to jeopardize the often-tight time schedule,” says Antonio.

Pasaban uses HELUKABEL products in its SPF1000 foil stamping line, among other things. This high-tech machine stamps the “portrait window” security feature onto the notes as part of the process chain for the new euro banknotes. The line first perforates the special paper to the shape of the window and then applies a hologram strip bearing a portrait of Europa and the value of the banknote onto it. Several kilometers of flexible and highly flexible data, control and ‘Sensorflex’ cables from HELUKABEL have been installed in the machine to ensure efficient and faultless operation.

“The cables withstand the mechanical stresses of production and support optimum operating cycles,” says Antonio. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) also plays an important role: “Our machines contain high-precision electronics. To avoid the risk of a system outage, effective screening must be guaranteed,” explains the technical manager.

For Pasaban, the major challenge of the future is the integration of newer and more sophisticated technologies into its machines in order to guarantee the counterfeit-resistance of banknotes and other security documents. Antonio adds: “We not only want our equipment to be up-to-date with current trends, we also want to stay at the forefront of the global security technology sector – with the help of Helukabel.”


Based in Tolosa, northern Spain, Pasaban was founded in 1928 and specializes in the development and production of converting machines and solutions for paper, cardboard, special paper and security paper. The product portfolio includes sheeting, winding, security foil stamping and paper ream wrapping machines.

With more than 120 employees, over 500 customers and 700 machines installed in 45 countries, Pasaban is one of the top suppliers of paper and board converting machines for blue-chip mills and converters worldwide.


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