Tips to prevent your paper sheeting or winding machine from becoming obsolete


If there are obsolete devices in your paper and board sheeting or winding machine, they could be at risk of permanent shutdown. To ensure this does not happen, and based on experience, we have put together these recommendations that could help you.

To combat obsolescence, the main areas to consider are the following:

We recommend changing electrical cabinets. Failure to do this on time will very likely result in running out of spare parts. In addition, waiting times will be longer and maintenance will be much more complicated. The improvement service we offer needs fewer spare parts, facilitates maintenance, has profinet cabling, safety PLCs and a Wi-Fi connection option.

We also recommend upgrading the operating environment. Not doing so can result in your machine becoming obsolescent and longer waiting times. We offer an upgrade service where we attach touch panels that allow easy operation. We also place configurable screens that improve worker efficiency.

Update the software.
Doing so will facilitate troubleshooting and making changes to the program. Without this, you cannot add new functionalities to the machine, view where alarms are coming from, or troubleshoot remotely. For this we offer software from SIEMENS (TiaPortal) and Pasaban (Codesys); this will be accompanied by a PC with Windows 10 operating system, Delphi. We also achieve faster data transfer and server connectivity. 

However, remember that proper maintenance is essential. This will prevent total machine shutdowns, irreparable and irreversible damage, and safety problems such as fire or entrapment. Our service also offers remote connection through Team Viewer that can allow us to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We can do this because our agents are trained and specialized to help you. 85% of the issues that arise are resolved remotely. We also offer an on-site maintenance service, where we physically visit your premises to resolve any issues you may have. We also make sure you learn everything you need to maintain your machine with our on-site training.

Because there are devices that are already obsolete, such as the analog variator, digital variators or the capacitor bank, there are no longer spare parts for them.  

If you believe that your equipment could become obsolete, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you extend your paper sheeting or winding machine's life.

If you would like further details on our technical service or more information about our affordable prices for parts and hourly rates, contact us through one of the following telephone numbers: +34 661 460 498 / +34 626 680 901 or send an e-mail to



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