Paper sheeter


The KSD sheeter is a high output machine meant for use in paper and cardboard factories after the production machines. 
The configuration with direct connection to the production machine allows eliminating the intermediate winding step, by cutting directly from the pope reel of the cardboard machine.

It is a duplex unit allowing to cut two different formats at the same time with separate simplex and duplex cutting blocks.

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More information available by calling:+34 943 69 84 25

  • Reel dimensions

    Max. width 4100 mm
    Min. width
    Max. diameter 2500 mm
    Min. diameter 500 mm (800 mm with rotary unwinding)

    Format dimensions

    Max. width 4050 mm
    Min. width 300 mm
    Max. length 1600 mm (Optionally up to 2100 mm)
    Min. length 400 mm

    Stack dimensions

    Max. height (incl. pallet): 1600mm (Optionally up to 2000 mm)
    Speed 350 m/min
    • Automatic reel loading
    • Automated splicers
    • Automatic decurling
    • Automatic positioning of longitudinal slitters
    • Automatic positioning of stacking plates
    • Change of pallet at maximum speed without sheet rejection
    • Surface inspection system 
    • Synchronised defect management with individual sheet rejection
  • Allows incorporating all automation systems (longitudinal cut, superposition, stacking, change of size while working, etc.) to ensure absorbing the entire production.
    Cutting two format lengths at the same time allows maximum use of the width of the paper machines.
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