Would you like to improve the OEE of your paper and board sheeting or winding machine?


OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and it is a commonly used metric that analyses the average production time in which a machine is truly productive.  

An OEE score of 100% means a perfect production, 85% is considered world-class, and it should be a suitable long-term goal for many companies. An OEE score of 60% is an indication of a big gap for improvement, and a score of 40% is not at all uncommon but means that there is a need for improvement. If you want to learn more about OEE, and you want to make an estimation for your case, visit the following site: Lean Production, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

In the Paper Industry as well as in the converting or finishing plants, the efficiency of the machine is commonly measured with the OEE metric. Taking that into account, at Pasaban we focus our efforts on directing our offer towards automation in order to increase the production of the sheeters and winders that we manufacture, upgrade or rebuild.  

By using this metric as a reference, our Upgrades service is the ideal solution for improving OEE of your paper or board sheeter or winder. We offer retrofits for Pasaban machines and other OEM’s.

The benefits of this type of service include increasing 
the availability and the performance of your machine and improving the quality of the finished product. In turn, you will increase productivitymitigate obsolescence and enable the automation of some of the machine's processes, implying an increase in the average OEE.  

For more information, contact the Pasaban Service department at, call one of our specialized technicians on +34 943 65 16 32 or send a message to one of our worldwide agents.  

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