Improving the OEE of your paper & board sheeter or winder: Performance increase


OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and this takes into consideration the availability, performance and quality of the manufacturing process. The higher OEE percentage, the higher effectiveness your machine has.  

In the previous post about OEE, we studied how to improve the availability of paper & board sheeters and winders. Next, we will be focusing on performance increase.

To measure a sheeter’s or winder’s performance it must be considered anything that makes the manufacturing process run at a slower speed than the machine’s maximum, including both 'slow cycles' or 'small stops.  There are several issues that could reduce the performance ratio as the machine wear, substandard materials, misfeeds or improper adjustments. Does your machine run at its maximum speed? If your answer is negative you will probably need to improve the performance of your paper & board converting machine.

When it comes to sheeters, there are several times where the ROI is slow. To improve this, upgrading the machine and adding a new unwind stand will provide the quickest possible ROI. This productivity can even be raised further with the implementation of a flying splice system, eliminating any machine stop for reel changing. This is one of the multiple upgrade examples that could help you increase the performance of your machine.

More of the same happens with winders.
Do you spend too much time cutting and feeding each core manually? Are the operators spen­ding too much time preparing all the cores? These problems are very common for paper and board winder owners, and upgrading the machine with an automatic core feeding saves a lot of time per reel change and offers a failproof core feeding.

This is why we highly recommend keeping your paper converting machines up to date. Upgrading means improving, and it could make a huge impact in your machine’s OEE.  
In Pasaban we also offer an Upgrades Service for our machines and other brand machines such as Jagenberg or Bielomatik. We care about our customers and we want them to get the best out of their paper sheeting or winding machine, and that is why we offer leading technology upgrades service.  

For more information, contact the Pasaban Service department at, call one of our specialized technicians on +34 943 65 16 32 or send a message to one of our worldwide agents.    

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