2018-02-05 - News

Pasaban’s solutions for the security printing sector will be present at this year’s fairs

One more year, Pasaban will participate in various conferences aimed at professionals from the security printing industry. We are leaders in the design and manufacturing of high-technology machines and therefore a good ally for the printing of security documents and paper money.  


2018-01-25 - News

Iggesund UK renewed its finishing area with Pasaban Machinery

The two KB2300 board sheeters were contributed to the British plant to continue offering a high-quality product alongside impeccable service.  

Iggesund UK

2017-12-14 - News

Emreser shows its continued confidence in Pasaban for over 20 years

The winder will significantly increase production capacities, helping to improve delivery times for its customers.  

Emreser winder

2017-09-26 - News

Pasaban manufactures two new paper sheeters for the Naini Group paper mill

Mr. Pawan Agarwal, Managing Director of the Naini Group and Chairman of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) has once again chosen Pasaban sheeters to meet his objective of providing a quality finish to the paper produced in the company’s two plants; Naini Tissues and Naini Papers.  

Naini Paper Mill

2017-09-20 - News

Pasaban - Interview for the Pulp and Paper technology magazine

"Pasaban’s product values are based on precision, quality, reliability and profitability. Offering customized and comprehensive solutions if needed, we can solve the most difficult challenges." by Gustavo Lascurain (Managing Director)

Pasaban Gustavo Lascurain

2017-08-29 - News

Pasaban Industrialises the application of level 1 security features

Our expertise resides in the capability to industrialise the application of level 1 security features for banknotes and security documents to any substrate, with a focus on high precision and high production levels/throughputs. 

Holograpy news Pasaban

2017-07-19 - News

Karton-Pak improves its packaging plant with a Pasaban KB 1600 sheeter

Karton-Pak, one of Poland’s largest solid cardboard packaging manufacturers is currently employing Pasaban technology and continues extending and improving its production in the printing and production fields.


2017-06-22 - News

Pasaban advances in the transformation strategy of its entire sales and production structure

At Pasaban we are undertaking a transformation project of our business model that especially focuses on the sales, manufacturing and assembly areas. This plan will be strengthened by expanding our plant in Tolosa and developing innovative actions that will consolidate our position as suppliers of value added solutions.  

Pasaban Transformation

2017-06-20 - News

ITC Limited chooses Pasaban to upgrade one of its sheeting machines

The lifetime of your machines concerns us. For this reason, Pasaban Upgrades is made to extend the lifetime and improve the performance of your machines.

ITC Limited Upgrade

2017-05-29 - News

Pasaban winders in continuous development

Pasaban winders are designed to provide paper and cardboard Mills and Converters with an even-edge profile and perfect winding reel structure.  



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