2021-10-25 - News

See you at LatamPaper 2021

Pasaban has long been working hard to increase the presence in the Latin American market. In order to keep enhancing this, we will be exhibiting on Latampaper in Mexico City this year. The event will take place at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma.  


2021-10-14 - News

Improving the OEE of your paper & board sheeter or winder: Availability increase

As we reviewed in our last OEE post Would you like to improve the OEE of your paper and board sheeting or winding machine?, OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and this takes into consideration the availability, performance, and quality of the manufacturing process. The higher OEE percentage, the higher effectiveness your machine has.  


2021-09-13 - News

Tips to prevent your paper sheeting or winding machine from becoming obsolete

If there are obsolete devices in your paper and board sheeting or winding machine, they could be at risk of permanent shutdown. To ensure this does not happen, and based on experience, we have put together these recommendations that could help you.


2021-07-07 - News

The importance of cooperating with the customer to build a relationship of trust

The sales process can sometimes be long and tedious, most of the time customer service is performed in a superficial manner and the customer's requirements are not analyzed in a professional and comprehensive way.  


2021-05-18 - News

Sun Paper relies on Pasaban for the supply of eighteen new paper and board sheeters in China

Sun Paper, one of the largest paper groups in China relies on Pasaban for the supply of 18 new paper and board sheeters for its Yanzhou and Beihai mills.


2021-05-04 - News

Would you like to improve the OEE of your paper and board sheeting or winding machine?

OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and it is a commonly used metric that analyses the average production time in which a machine is truly productive.  


2021-03-18 - News

Pasaban Upgrades Papel Aralar's Non-woven Paper Winder

Paper and board sheeters and winders more than 10 years old, usually need to be refurbished in order to improve their efficiency. For this reason, upgrading this type of machines is the best option, as the return on investment is short-term.

2021-03-04 - News

Pasaban Focuses On Upgrades Of Paper And Cardboard Sheeters And Winders

Pasaban Upgrades, the ideal solution to get the best out of your paper and cardboard converting equipment.  


2020-10-09 - Press

Pasaban Supplies A New Duplex Sheeter To Varel (PKV) And Modernizes One Of Its Board Sheeters

Varel trust Pasaban for the supply of a new high production sheeter and upgrades its old duplex sheeting machine.

2020-07-08 - News

Interview with Dani García, CEO of Pasaban

Mr. García analyzes the current state of the paper & board industry and gives some hints about Pasaban's strategy, values ​​and approach in the years to come.

Dani Garcia Pasaban


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